• Husband and wife on motorcycle struck by oncoming left turning vehicle, abrasions and several broken teeth.

Pre-trial offer $40,000
Verdict $230,641.21

  • City sewage backup into home causing psychological harm.

Pre-trial offer $100,000
Verdict of $375,000

  • Drunk driver crossed centerline causing spinal cord injury to 8 year old boy and serious injuries to his mother and older sister. Suit filed against local Moose Lodge for over-serving the drunk driver.

Pre-trial offer $200,000
Verdict $14,045,267.78
After lengthy appeal, an additional $3,468,959.10 in post judgment interest was awarded.

  • Vehicle turned left at intersection into oncoming vehicle. Turning driver and her insurance company denied liability claiming other driver ran red light. Injuries were neck and shoulder pain, treated mostly with massage.

Offer: none
Verdict: $38,714.13 with 25% comparative fault.

  • Tenant fell on stairs leading to back deck. Stairs were installed by property owner and did not conform to building code.

Pre-trial offer: $60,000
Verdict: $140,000

  • Progressive Insurance accused recent immigrant of stealing his own car and submitting fraudulent claim. Amount in dispute was $13,500.

Verdict $87,626.00
Verdict included finding of insurance bad faith, breach of insurance contract, violation of Washington Consumer Protection Act, and an award for all legal fees.

  • Safeco denied coverage when insured’s high bank home was destroyed after the river washed away the bank causing home to fall into the river.   Went to court and established coverage under the efficient proximate cause rule. Safeco paid actual cash value of $280,000.
  • Allstate Insurance denied $10,000 property damage claim caused by rain and wind storm. Suit filed for breach of contract and insurance bad faith.

Verdict $66,916.52
Included finding of breach of contract, insurance bad faith, and an award for all legal

  • Rear-end crash which totaled both vehicles. Just under $7,000 in medical treatment. Insurance company offered $10,000 and suit was filed.  Offer increased to $21,000 before trial.

Verdict $76,963.29


  • Suit filed against large health insurance company for wrongfully refusing to pay $800 in medical bills. Settlement: Payment of all medical bills, plus all legal fees.
  • Filed suit against large health insurer for failure to pay for brain tumor removal surgery. Insurer claimed pre-existing condition. Settlement: All medical costs, plus all legal fees.
  • Health insurer denied coverage for medical expenses incurred after kidney failure claiming pre-existing condition. Filed suit and established coverage. All medical bills paid, plus all legal fees were paid.
  • Product liability claim against tool manufacturer when tip of metal punch chipped causing eye injury. Settlement: $220,000
  • T-bone car crash resulting in soft tissue injuries. Settlement: $25,000 (policy limits)
  • Car turned left in front of plaintiff causing crash. Soft tissue injuries to neck, back and shoulder. Settlement: $27,000
  • Passenger in rear-end car crash. Neck, back, and aggravation of pre-existing shoulder injury. Settlement: $22,500
  • Client had recent full knee reconstruction from serious motorcycle crash. Home physical therapist caused fall resulting in complete tear of prior knee reconstruction. Second surgical reconstruction was complex and complicated by chronic infection. Knee was eventually fused. Settled with physical therapist for $800,000
  • Dog bite to hand while in franchised pet supply store. Settlement: $10,000
  • City sewage backup into basement. Settlement: $46,000 for stress, anxiety and inconvenience
  • Four year old boy suffered foot injury, including loss of a toe by neighbor’s lawn mower. Settlement: $285,000
  • Eight year old boy bit by neighbor’s Rottweiler causing permanent scarring. Settlement: $225,000
  • Passenger in car rear-ended by negligent driver. Soft tissue neck, back, and shoulder injury. Settlement: $36,400
  • Husband and wife rear-ended by Transit bus. Neck, back and shoulder injuries, chronic headaches with depression. Settlement: $110,000
  • Stopped for highway construction. Rear-ended at high speed. Neck, back, shoulder injuries, developed tension headaches. Settlement: $65,000
  • Truck driver injured by forklift operator while loading plaintiff’s truck. Knee injury requiring surgery. Settlement: $325,000
  • Negligent driver turned left in front of plaintiff causing aggravation of chronic low back pain. Settlement: $35,000
  • Rear-end crash causing soft tissue neck and back injury. Settlement: $30,000
  • Rear-end crash causing neck, back and hand injury. Settlement: $40,000
  • College student struck in crosswalk resulting in facial fracture, closed head injury, neck and back injuries. Settlement: $200,000
  • Retained surgical sponge following surgery requiring second surgery to remove. Settlement: $150,000
  • Bank teller at drive-up window closed drawer on plaintiff’s hand resulting in chronic pain. Settlement: $20,000
  • Medical malpractice for poorly performed cataract eye surgery resulting in slight permanent diminished vision. Settlement for $225,000, plus the cost of corrective surgery.
  • Rotted tree fell and struck passing vehicle causing permanent low back pain to driver. Claim was brought against a Home Owner Association as owner of the property for failing to remove a known hazard. Settlement: $275,000
  • Garbage truck rolled downhill and struck house knocking it off the foundation resulting in a total loss of home.  Settlement for complete house rebuild, plus alternative housing during construction.
  • Complete fire loss of restaurant and adjacent building. Obtained more than $200,000 additional coverage.
  • Complete fire loss of restaurant. Obtained more than $100,000 additional coverage.
  • Pedestrian struck and killed by drunk driver. Drunk driver’s insurance company and decedent’s underinsured motorist carrier both tendered policy limits on behalf of decedent.   Successfully obtained two additional $250,000 additional policy limits for decedent’s wife.
  • Payday lender made clerical error to person’s loan paperwork which resulted in the person being wrongfully arrested and charged with identity theft. Settlement for $68,000, including dismissal and expungement of criminal charges.
  • Manner of death by suicide as determined by Medical Examiner following a single car accident was successfully challenged in court affording decedent’s family $525,000 in life insurance proceeds.
  • Claim against big box store when forklift operator ran over and broke customer’s foot while loading merchandise into customer’s truck. Settlement: $155,000
  • Admitted liability car crash resulting in back and leg injuries and lighting up of underlying Lupus. Settlement for combined policy limits of $200,000
  • College student broadsided by drunk driver causing broken arm, broken tooth, neck, back and leg injuries and facial laceration resulting in 8 cm scar. Settled for liability and underinsured motorist policy limits of $165,000
  • Passenger in car rear-ended. Soft tissue neck, back and shoulder injuries. Settlement: $65,000
  • Legal malpractice against attorney who failed to perfect proper service in a personal injury claim before expiration of the statute of limitations.   Attorney paid $180,000 on the former client’s injury claim.
  • Rear-end car crash resulting in shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgery. Settled for $72,500
  • Truck driver from Texas picking up a load of lumber from Bellingham lumber mill was struck by forklift driver. Low back injury requiring surgery. Settlement: $375,000
  • Head on collision on Guide Meridian. Neck, back, and shoulder injury. Eye injury resulting in slight vision impairment. Settlement: $250,000, policy limits
  • Broadside crash in downtown Bellingham. Neck and back injury including disk herniation, sprained thumb. Settled for liability and underinsured motorist policy limits $117,000
  • Motorcyclist hit by car turning left. Multiple foot fractures resulting in multiple surgeries. Settlement: $250,000, policy limits
  • Broadside crash when other driver ran red light. Neck, back, knee injuries, including 4 bulged disks. Settlement: $105,000